The Nitty Gritty

Ready to hold a space for an upcoming shoot? Please email Rachel at with your dates and deets and we’d be happy to place a hold for you. Once you’re ready to book we request a certificate of insurance and a signed rental agreement before the start of production. We look forward to hosting your shoot! 


Booking & Cancellations

You may put a studio on hold at any time.  If we receive a request for your hold dates, you will have 24 hours to book or release the studio.  If you book the studio but need to cancel, we require a notice of cancellation 5 business days prior to the start of your booking.  Any cancellations within 5 days prior to the start of your booking will be billed at the regular studio rental rate for the amount of days you had booked.  If we are able to fill any of your scheduled time with another booking we will only charge you for the difference of your billable days lost.

Payment Terms

Upon completion of your production, you will be sent an invoice for studio time, additional production rentals, missing or broken equipment, cleaning or other itemized items.  Payment in full is required within 30 days of the invoice.  A finance charge of 1.5% will be added to overdue invoices.

Sidecar Studios may require a deposit for future rentals if payment terms are not kept.

Insurance & Rental Agreement

We require a certificate of insurance naming Sidecar Studios Inc. / SEKA INC as additionally insured and loss payee.  The certificate of insurance must be delivered to Sidecar prior to your booking.  If a certificate of insurance is not available, a certificate will be pulled for you at 10% of the total rental fee.


studio Rental – Still Photo

  • $800 per 10 hour day

studio Rental - video

  • $1400 per 10 hour day

Production Area

  • $150 per studio per day

weekend Shoots

  • Additional 50%

Basic Grip Package

  • Included with your booking!

Extended Grip Package

  • $350

pre-Production & wrap Days

  • $575 per 10 hour day

Storage Area

  • $150 per day

early Delivery/Late Pick Up

  • $350 per day

Additional Crews

  • $350 per studio per day

Possible Fees


  • Hours 11 & 12
    $175 per hour

  • Hours 13 & 14
    $225 per hour

  • Over 14 Hours
    $350 per hour

Clean Up | $100

Excess Removal of waste | $100

Excessive Incidentals

Additional Insurance