Why Sidecar

Sidecar Studios has been in operation since 2007, growing out of photographer and owner Jeff Johnson’s need for more studio space. Jeff has been working as a commercial photographer for over 30 years and has applied his wealth of industry knowledge to create a welcoming work space for productions big and small.

With 3 independently running studios Sidecar offers space, lots of natural light and good vibes. All the studios come equipped with their own kitchen, sound system and enough coffee and La Croix to hydrate a small village, parking is free and we have equipment rental on the spot. Need help sourcing a crew? Places to stay? Set builders? Stylists?  With a small but seasoned staff we can help with all that as well. Over the years the studio has seen it all from building literal houses to shooting tiny table top still lifes.

The Crew


Rachel Michienzi

studio manager

Rachel grew up listening to the click of her Fathers camera, her childhood daycare was his busy commercial studio. It’s not hard to see why she excels at keeping Sidecar and all the happenings in line.  She has a natural talent for managing with her many hidden skill sets that include: cheese mongering, prop gathering, set building, margarita machines, wrangling miniatures ponies, (don’t ask about riding them). She can drop a real hearty Minnesota accent, and make 35 pounds of Barbacoa in the parking lot the day before an event. We’re telling you, you are in good hands.

Jeff Johnson


Jeff Johnson, mad man? Possibly. Generally funny dude? He thinks he is. Photographer extraordinaire? Absolutely. Jeff picked up his first camera at the wee age of 10 and started shooting. From there, he realized the freedom a camera could afford him, the ability to walk the school hallways without a pass, or move to the front row of a Cure concert. It was photography for life. Now that Jeffs class skippin’ days are over he spends his time jumping from shoot to shoot, commercial or personal it doesn't matter. The man is always on the move, like a shark, but not as scary, or stealthy, or as good at swimming. Ideas practically stream from his pores, he hoards magazines and funk records, hosts a damn fine happy hour, don’t bother asking about his time in Helsinki, Jeff will bring it up on his own.  His favorite phrase at the barbershop is, “ make me look dangerous,” He’s suspicious of electricity and grateful for spell check.

Past and present clients

Wanna work with the man behind the studio Jeff Johnson himself? Check out his website!