Sidecar Studios offers more natural light in two of the largest shooting bays than can be found anywhere else in Minneapolis!  We offer three large independent studios–Studio A, Studio B, & Studio C. A designated production area with loading dock access for deliveries. We total 18,000 square feet under one roof.  We have the room for you, your entourage, and your extended family.  

With its cool client areas, free parking, easy access, and great location, Sidecar Studios is an easy choice.  We want to make your stay simple. With generous grip packages, walls of windows, open spaces, and a laid back approach, all you need to do is bring your camera and your vision.  We have the space to accommodate multiple crews, making Sidecar Studios the right choice for large productions.  Additional rental equipment and production services are available by request so that you can have everything you need to make any idea a success.


Large Natural light Spaces
Still need more reasons to rent?

  • 5500 square foot Studio A. 40’ feet of North facing and 80’ feet of East facing windows

  • 4200 square foot Studio B. 60’ feet of West facing windows

  • 3700 square foot Studio C. 60’ feet of West facing glass block windows

  • 4800 square feet of production area for props, sets or storage

  • Natural daylight bays. All window areas are around 20’ x 20’ feet

  • Loading dock

  • 14’ ceilings to 17' clear

  • Loading dock

  • Fully equipped kitchens

  • Wifi

  • Client work & lounge areas

  • Dining areas

  • Conference Rooms

  • Free parking

  • Soda, coffee, and water

  • Rolling workstations

  • Steamer/Iron

  • Wall and Furniture Dollies

  • iPod input and stereo

  • Generous grip packages in both studios

The Nitty Gritty


Studio A $700.00 per day. Includes basic grip package. $800 per day, December 1st. 2018

Studio B $700.00 per day. Includes basic grip package. $800 per day, December 1st 2018

Studio C $700.00 per day. Includes basic grip package. $800 per day December 1st 2018

Production Area $250 per day, per studio. $600 per day for one production with three studios rented

Prep/wrap/production days $575.00 per day for Studio's A, B & C. $600 begins December 1st, 2018

Additional Crew Fee: per studio per day is $350.00

All studios will incur a $50 per day incidental charge for single crews and $75 per day fee for multiple crews

Please request estimate on extended storage and or after hour use of production area or studios

Normal Studio hours are from 8 AM to 6 PM (10 hour day).  Weekend rates are an additional 50%.  Overtime is $100 per hour

POLICIES, PRICES, INSURANCE AND RENTAL CONTRACT FORM: Click here for rental contract, current prices and policies.


You may put a studio on hold at any time.  If we receive a request for your hold dates, you will have 24 hours to book or release the studio.  If you book the studio but need to cancel, we require a notice of cancellation 5 business days prior to the start of your booking.  Any cancellations within 5 days prior to the start of your booking will be billed at the regular studio rental rate for the amount of days you had booked.  If we are able to fill any of your scheduled time with another booking we will only charge you for the difference of your billable days lost.


We require a certificate of insurance naming SIDECAR STUDIOS INC and SEKA INC as additionally insured and loss payee.  The certificate of insurance must be delivered to Sidecar prior to your booking.  If a certificate of insurance is not available, a certificate will be pulled for you at 10% of the total rental fee.


Studios, production, and common areas should be left in the condition you found them in.  All garbage must be removed.  Studio floors should be swept and mopped at the end of your booking.  Any additional items left in the studio at the end of your booking will be discarded.  We will do a walk through at the end of your rental.  You will be charged 30.00 per hour for cleaning.


Due to the size of our studios we have the ability to provide space for multiple crews.  We define multiple crews as more than one primary photographer, or crews larger than 20 people working in either Studio A, B, or C.  We charge an additional $350 per day per space for additional crews.


We have 4800 square feet of production space at loading dock height. This space is available for production, props, and construction of sets. Large productions should plan on additional rates and fees to coordinate pick ups of props and sets. Typically more days are needed than scheduled studio pre or post production days. Sets and props not picked up within 5 days will be billed an additional fee of $350 per day up to 10 days.  Sets and props not picked up after 10 days will be thrown away and fees for trash removal may apply. All studios will be billed for use of production area.


Upon completion of your production, you will be sent an invoice for studio time, additional production rentals, missing or broken equipment, cleaning or other itemized items.  Payment in full is required within 30 days of the invoice.  A finance charge of 1.5% will be added to overdue invoices.
Sidecar Studios may require a deposit for future rentals if payment terms are not kept.


Please report any loss or damage to any personal property and/or supplied equipment immediately.


We here at Sidecar are dog lovers, unfortunately due to legal reasons we are not able to allow dogs at the studio. 


Sidecar can offer you help with all your production needs including:

  • Crew hiring & recommendations

  • Production Assistants

  • Talent booking

  • Catering & craft services

  • Merchandise check-in

  • Equipment rental

  • Travel & lodging

We want your shoot to be a smashing success!
Please let us know how else we can help.